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The reason the cosmic Marvel universe intrigues me so much, especially as showcased in the world-building taking place in Thor and The Guardians of the Galaxy, is that it presents a fairly unique science fiction universe.  What fascinates me most is that it seems humans, originally coming from earth, are the more populous species in the universe, and that earth itself plays a large role in galactic affairs, despite the planet’s populace at large being fairly unaware of it (if only the Marvel-owned Men In Black could be brought back into the fold, alas).  To say nothing of the relationship of the “nine realms” to the greater cosmic geography, and how Asgard might play into the war-mongering of various races like the Kree and Chitauri.  

To say the least, I dream of an extended opening sequence in Avengers 3 in which Thanos and his minions tear their way through many places we’ve grown familiar with in the franchise, like Odin’s Vault at Asgard and Xandar’s Nova Corps HQ, in order to retrieve the infinity stones.  A temporary sound defeat of the combined might of the Nova Corps, Asgard (although Loki is probably still in league with Thanos somewhat, I’d set my watch and warrant on it, and right now he’s on the throne), and the Guardians before he reaches earth would definitely set our Mad Titan up to be quite a formidable foe for the likely disbanded and broken Avengers after Ultron has his way with them.  Throw that theory I’ve always had about a Planet Hulk movie, and the Deus ex Machina in Thanos’ defeat being Hulk returning to earth, Guardians, Nova Corps, and Odin in tow, and I think we’d make for an excellent climax to the Avengers’ saga.

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Groot didn’t just help save the galaxy, he saved Vin Diesel too from real life grief - REMEMBER THAT

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Marvel’s Star Wars

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Keep your hoes in check.

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Sif in Thor: The Dark World Post-Credits Scene

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